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BMC, a leading national technology company, differs from its competitors with science, innovation and development of environmentally friendly technologies and continues its R&D investments to​​ to become an R&D base in its region by developing domestic partnerships in its field.

Warranty for Us: Responsibility more than Obligation

The legal warranty period for your BMC vehicle starts on the date of the sales invoice and is 2 years. If your vehicle within the warranty period becomes defective, the repair time (warranty faults) added to the warranty period. Warranty claims do not cover wear and tear caused by use, consumables, parts and materials for periodic maintenance, improper fuel use, equipment or software not originally installed, error of operation and traffic instructions, natural disasters, environmental impact and damage caused by the customer. Contact your authorized dealer for extended warranty packages and details. In order to be able to comply with the warranty conditions, all maintenance on the vehicle must be performed on time and the repair/assembly/disassembly of the vehicle accessories must be carried out at the authorized dealers of BMC Truck & Bus BV. in the prescribed manner. More detailed information about warranty applications and important points can be found in the service maintenance book and user manuals

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24/7 Uninterrupted Service for our Customers

With its 24/7 uninterrupted service for customers principle;

ORIGINAL and “ALTERNATIVE” product selections in a 10.000 m2 closed area,

With our wide product range consisting of 20.000 items in a 500.000 piece inventory,

With our wide distribution network consisting of over 100 authorized dealers and services,

With over 300 domestic/foreign vendors, With our experienced staff of active sales / service teams, we are working to meet all the needs as fast as possible, and beyond our customers’ expectations.