Turkey’s first local apron bus Neoport will be a new star of airports with its features like 14 meters fully low base structure, left and right side kneeling feature for passengers landing and boarding.

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There is an additional engine for full air service brake, left and right side kneeling, chassis lowering and raising system, front and back disc brakes, 6 passenger’s doors, low floored monocoque body and air conditioner.

We Thought Everything
to Make our Passengers Comfortable

BMC engineers designed the apron busses to carry both passenger and driver comfort to the climax point. Thanks to the technologic engine placed in front of the vehicle, a very large and spacious passenger platform were created in the cabin. In addition, with its suspension system, the vibrations felt by passengers and driver in the care minimized.

There is Room for Everyone in Neoport!

Neoport has 12 sitting and 84 standing passenger capacity with its enlarged platform. It offers a much more spacious and comfortable journey to its passengers, as well as a safe area isolated for the driver and hostess thanks to the engine compartment positioned in the center front.

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The front and rear axles, each with a load capacity of 10,500 kg, allow the Apron bus to carry 109 passengers, leading to its class position with passenger capacity.


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