BMC has been producing in the Turkish automotive industry for more than 50 years for the domestic and foreign markets with its own brand, developing with the domestic and national technology products tailored to the different needs of customers in the vehicle segments of the commercial industry.

BMC; From inception to now

BMC Trucks is the importer in Holland of the prestigious industrial vehicle manufacturer BMC, whose brand has more than 50 years of experience in the sector. At BMC, trucks are developed that are tailored to the different needs of industrial vehicle customers.

In addition, for its vehicle range, BMC Trucks in Holland offers an after-sales and commercial network with the best professionals in the sector at the disposal of the customer.

BMC; From foundation to now

BMC is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers founded in Turkey in 1964. BMC offers special solutions for the automotive industry with its wide product range, qualified personnel, high production capacity and quality standards, where it is mainly located in İzmir Pınarbaşı, Istanbul, Ankara and Sakarya with its modern facilities spread over various R&D and production facilities.

BMC is designed with the flexibility to produce many commercial industry vehicles with various configurations ranging from buses to trucks, With more than 3,500 production and experienced team, it covers all business from design to R&D, from project to education and various services.

We are the first brand to produce more than 300,000 vehicles and 80 models. We have an added value of approximately 10 billion. BMC is constantly increasing its intense R&D activities. BMC, provides uninterrupted service with its expert authorized sales, service and dealer network. BMC continues to produce high-tech, durable, reliable and environmentally friendly vehicles by closely following industry trends. BMC is rapidly progressing towards its goals of becoming a renewed global brand with its half-century of history, multinational structure and new management approach.


To become a leading and national technology company in the field of land vehicles, buses, trucks, drive systems, engines and related technologies.


Producing highly competitive products designed with the leading and national technology within the sustainable growth strategy.


As one of the main commercial vehicle manufacturers in Turkey, BMC was founded in İzmir in 1964. With the many successes achieved since its inception, BMC’s history is full of significant milestones.

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New generation bus series “Neocity” and “Neoport” were manufactured. Neocity 8,5M Diesel Bus won the best design award.


The foundation was laid for “Sakarya Manufacturing Facilities” in Sakarya, Karasu.


BMC R&D Center was establishe


The production began for the first 100% domestically manufactured, solo and articulated fully low-floor bus


First natural gas powered eco-friendly bus was manufactured.


First lightweight commercial vehicle with intellectual and industrial property rights owned by a Turkish company,


BMC became the first Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer to export its products to Europe.


First 100% national truck with intellectual and industrial property rights owned by a Turkish company,


A Turkish automotive company received an ISO 9001 Quality Certificate for the first time.


A Turkish company joined the Paris Dakar Rally for the first time, with a special (6×6) truck driven by Renç Koçibey.


Doğanlar Bus Factory was put into use


MD Series lightweight commercial vehicle production began.


The production of first turbocharged vehicles “Fatih Series” trucks began and a license agreement was signed with Cummins Engine Company.


The first Apprentice Training Center in the Aegean Region was established.


A diesel engine was manufactured in Turkey for the first time


Turkey’s first foundry was established within BMC’s commercial body.


Initial production began with TM Series trucks under the name of Leyland.


BMC was established.

Career in BMC automotive

Our Human resources policy is based on five basic principles:

Equivalence | Participative governance and transparency |Continuous improvement of working conditions |Efficient / performance based reward| Respect for each other

As an organisation, we believe it is important to value, encourage and grow our employees. We provide the best possible working conditions so that everyone can contribute optimally to the success of our organization

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BMC, a leading national technology company, differs from its competitors with science, innovation and development of environmentally friendly technologies and continues its R&D investments to​​ to become an R&D base in its region by developing domestic partnerships in its field.

BMC has achieved many milestones by being one of the most modern production facilities with a history of half a century and has always valued research and development activities as a pioneer and leading company in the production of commercial and military vehicles. BMC established the first foundry, the first apprenticeship training center, and produced the first diesel engine, the first turbocharged vehicle, the first domestic light commercial vehicle, the first environmentally friendly natural gas bus, the first complete low-floor bus and the first domestic tactical armored wheel vehicles in its industry, and the main focuses of this success are the experienced staff and the R&D investments made from its inception to date. BMC focuses on customer expectations for military and commercial vehicles, regularly invests in various areas from new product developments to current product improvements, and devotes a significant portion of its revenues to R&D studies each year.